Mountain Biking


Mountain Biking

Biking is yet another adventurous sports that Nepal catchers to the visitors. Nepal’s diverse terrain provides challenging trails that meander through isolated villages and dense forests filled with wildlife. In other word, Nepal is a mountain biker’s dream adventure come true. Mountain biking offers an environment-friendly way of exploring this magnificent country.

Its landscape, living heritage and it’s people. Many mountain bike routes lay claim to the title of the World’s Greatest. But only on our mountain biking tour in Nepal will you be surrounded .

By five-miles-high peaks. And stay in tea houses run by local villagers stocked with good food or a cold beer.

This sport is mainly designed to take a Nepali culture and lifestyle of Nepalese people and to see the trails of the Himalayas ranges as well as the view of the Kathmandu city. Nepal biking will make you feel the whole of the challenging trail over the world and it will be very safe, enjoyable. You can freely search globaltreks map on google.

Mountain Biking – Traverse in scenic biking trail

Moreover, during your trip you will get a chance to explore the diverse culture of different ethnic people so; exploring the areas on a bike is a fantastic way to experience the local culture and way of life. We offer long and short mountain biking trips in Nepal. For long mountain biking trips we offer Annapurna circuit and Jomsom – Muktinath. Both trips are suitable for those who look adventurous biking trip in Nepal. These both trips are equally rich in terms of cultural and natural aspects. But during these trips you must frequently push or carry your bike because trails are not 100% rideable.

For short biking trips we offer Kathmandu valley rim biking tour and different national parks biking tour. Moreover, Kathmandu valley rim biking tour is best for those who want to see natural and cultural beauty of Nepal through short and easy biking tour. Those who are interested to see different animals and birds national parks biking tour is best for them. Beside these places we can provide mountain biking services to other places of Nepal as per your interest and request. To make your biking journey adventurous, successful and knowledgeable Trek to Everest view provides natural and cultural expert guide, good accommodation and foods.

Our Global treks have lots of different levels and grade biking according to the customer demands like Easy, moderate, Strenuous, Tough, Very tough.

Detail itinerary

Biking trip gives you the chance to explore the ancient and the cultural aspects villages of the Kathmandu Valley. Where your journey started from the Kathmandu after the early morning breakfast.Your journey will allow throwing the way of the old city of Bungamati as on the way you will visit the Machhendranath Temple and the Newari culture-flooding of Nepal. The way is very traily glacier which is bounded with rocks and your descending point will decrease rapidly through the way of Khokana they’re you will find to see the Shekalim Mai temple, goddess. After an hour you will be returned to the uphill to Bungamati where your riding will turn up to the village of Champi from where you can see the southeastern parts of the Kathmandu Valley. Then after an hour ride, you will reach the Chapagaon through the way of forest area. From the Chicagoan, your track will back by the trail of village Bargain. Then your journey will be back on the way to Godawari road. The distance is about 45 KM from the Kathmandu and Altitude is approximately 1520 M.

There are especially four routes for the day tour in Kathmandu Valley, which will give good biking trails and through the ancient village. From that side much more you can ride on the off-road.

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