Mount Manaslu Trek

3 Nov 2021 gbltreks


Hello Manaslu!  Do and Don’t in Manaslu Trek

Scenic heaven, naturally embellished and culturally sumptuous, you can delineate Manaslu as your devotions. Towering over 8000 meters Manaslu is ever-inviting. Manaslu venerates scenic memories for its explorers. And not to forget it hails 5000 meters elevation for the trekker, which itself is a rarity. Accompanied by the fluttering sound of Budhi Gandaki, greeting sculptures of ancient stones, and religious flags sending your wishes to heaven, Manaslu is there abiding with its arms wide open.

Manaslu is rich in its culture with the Tibetan origin Nepali who share ancient cultures and dialects. Antique architecture leaves you spellbound as you reach the cultural zone of the Manalsu trek. Tibetan origin Nepali in the Manaslu range encompasses the unique language, art, and cuisine, which fosters their social identities.

Manaslu trek is relatively cheaper than any other trekking destination like Annapurna Base Camp or Everest Base Camp. However, it necessitates more physical determination and strength, and Manaslu is a tough candidate to barter with. The pulchritudinous view of resilient Mt. Manaslu is worth every piece of your efforts.

 If you are wondering about the essentials to reach this scenic giant, here we plowed Do’s and Don’ts in the trek to Manaslu. Let’s begin with Dos,

  • Prepare yourself with a short trek prior to Manaslu

As aforementioned, the Manaslu trek is considerably challenging for trekkers. Going for the short trek prior to Manaslu will succor your body to get customary to challenges. It also benefits your respiratory system, enhancing the aptitude of your lungs.

  • Purchase the right trekking gears

Trekking freaks must establish a convenient set of tracking gear, especially before going on an adventurous trek like Manaslu. As you already know, Trek to Manaslu is abundant with challenges, so comforting yourself with the right pair of outfits is imperative.

  • Address health issues

It is pivotal to know your body before going on such a trek. If you perceive any kind of discomfort prior to the trek to Manaslu, we advise you to postpone your traverse and take a rest until you feel poised to travel.

  • Stay Hydrated

Trekking to the Himalayas is always fascinating, chilling weather may discourage a bit to drink water. However, drinking plenty of water keeps your body hydrated and preserves you from mountain sickness. 

  • Be a responsible trekker

Trekking is not just a mere fun walk, for a responsible trekker, it is a life journey. Be aware of your waste generations, manage your waste in an efficient way, help each other and be in the moment. Being in the lap of Mt. Manaslu itself is an extraordinary feeling, relishing your moment of levity in a responsible manner.

The feeling of being in front of one of the most visually enticing mountains can sometimes overexcite you. So, here are elements you’ll like to avoid in the trek to Manaslu.

  • Don’t carry unnecessary luggage

In such an adventurous trek, make sure you don’t carry any unnecessary pair of trekking gear. Adhering to the pair of clothes which you might feel comfortable with is enough.

  • Never go off-trail

 Manaslu is a restricted area, thus you should be mindful of possible danger in the area. Going off-trail can be fatal at such a high altitude, so it is necessary to avoid going off-trail during the Manaslu trek.

  • Don’t take photographs without the permission of local people

Sometimes we get over-excited when we are close to fulfilling our bucket list, please be attentive before picturesque the ambiance. Take permission from locals before clicking their attributes.

  • Avoid fancy foods

Food is one essential part of your travel, shunning fancy food items will help to keep a healthy appetite. A healthy body means extra motivation in trekking. Route to Manaslu traverses through the rural areas where most of the food items are plain ones, here also please evade overeating.

Now you know most of the essentials prior to backpacking to Manaslu. Here, we provided a detailed itinerary of the Mt. Manaslu trek don’t forget to check out that as well.