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11 Jun 2024 gbltreks

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Unveiling the White-Cheeked Starling: A Prized Component of Nepal’s Avian Biodiversity


Nestled amid the awe-inspiring landscapes of Nepal, the White-Cheeked Starling (Sturnia erythropygia) stands as a concealed marvel of avian elegance. Join us on an enlightening expedition as we unravel the captivating realm of this exquisite avian species and its significance in the core of the Himalayas.


A Discovery of Nepal’s Avian Richness

Nepal, renowned for its diverse ecological landscape, encompasses a rich variety of bird species. Ranging from the majestic Himalayan peaks to the subtropical forests of the Terai region, every part of this captivating nation hosts a diverse population of avian fauna.

The White-Cheeked Starling: A Portrait of Elegance

The White-Cheeked Starling is characterized by its elegant appearance, featuring striking black plumage and distinct white cheeks. This avian species holds significance within Nepal’s diverse avifauna, captivating observers and nature enthusiasts with its melodious and alluring calls echoing throughout the forest canopies.

Habitat and Distribution

The White-Cheeked Starling predominantly inhabits the Indian subcontinent, encompassing regions of India, Bangladesh, and extending into the scenic terrain of Nepal. These avian species exhibit a preference for forested areas, particularly those situated in lowland and foothill regions.

Behavior and Ecology

The White-Cheeked Starlings exhibit gregarious behavior, often congregating in small flocks as they search for insects, fruits, and seeds within the foliage. Their nimble flight and acrobatic maneuvers contribute to the captivating spectacle of observing these avian marvels in their natural habitat.

Conservation Status and Challenges

Despite their inherent adaptability, the White-Cheeked Starlings are confronted with significant threats such as habitat loss and fragmentation resulting from human activities, in addition to potential risks posed by climate change. Hence, focused conservation endeavors targeting the preservation of their habitats and the promotion of awareness regarding their ecological significance are imperative in ensuring the perpetuation of this species.

Bird watching in Nepal: A Paradise for Avian Enthusiasts

In Nepal, bird watching presents an unparalleled opportunity for enthusiasts and nature aficionados. The bountiful avian diversity of this region is best observed while exploring the verdant forests of Chitwan National Park or traversing the unspoiled wilderness of the Annapurna Conservation Area. Encounters with the White-Cheeked Starling are just one example of the remarkable wildlife encounters that await in this breathtaking locale.


In the breathtaking panorama of Nepal, the White-Cheeked Starling emerges as a captivating symbol, effortlessly captivating hearts with its grace and charm. As staunch guardians of the environment, we unreservedly champion the cause of cherishing and safeguarding these magnificent avian creatures to ensure that future generations will continue to be awestruck by their splendor amidst the Himalayan landscape.

We unequivocally invite you to join us in exalting the White-Cheeked Starling and the vibrant tapestry of life it represents in the heart of Nepal. Let every flutter of its wings resound as an unwavering call to action, reminding us of the imperative to preserve our planet’s invaluable biodiversity for generations to come.