Responsible Environmental Policy inTourism

Responsible tourism is imperatively as it becomes a responsibility of each and every human along with the tourism. Our business and our livelihood depends on regular existence of the natural environment, society and culture, it has always been our policy and plane to organize trips that leave behind as little carbon footprint as possible. Lessons have been learnt from the past and all current expeditions try to leave behind as little human residue in the catchment areas.

Our Staff, guides, porters are aware of their responsibilities for responsible tourism in each treks.When the trips starting wewill brief group members on the importance of conservation and protection in the environment as part of our responsible tourism efforts. We are try to encourage programs and frequently participate clean up campaigns to promote awareness as well asmaintaining a clean and healthy living environment. Always we will try to provide awareness for Responsible Tourism Guidelines for Travellers and other community People.





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