Re-Building Gorkha

Re-building Gorkha


Nepal is an land locked country where many people with different cast, culture and religious stay together. Between it our country have 75 districts. In 2015, 25th April due to the big earthquake shake thousands of people lost their homes and many more sufferd, loss from the devastating earthquake. Basically this earthquake affect Gorkha badly. Where more than 9000 people killed and 22,000 people injured with the magnitude of 7.8 hectors scale. Its epicenter was in the east of Gorkha district and its hypocenter was in the depth of 8.2km. Due to it in the many rural area people have lost their life due to the sudden earthquake. The Nepal has listed the 14 district which is damaged badly so between them Gorkha district is one of them. All nepali people are being volunteering to rebuilt it again the gorkha district. Also our reputate Global Treks is doing best as a Volunteer for the support to the Gorkha.




Outline itinerary

Day-01- Arrival in Kathmandu.(1300m)

Day-02- Drive Kathmandu to Gorkha.(4hrs)

Day-03- Gorkha Re-built Volunteering.

Day-04- Return back to Kathmandu.

Day-05- Back to your final destination.

Volunteering Activities

  • Providing education to the Poverty
  • Environmental Awarness programs
  • Conducting sanitation program to all the women as well as children
  • Constructing emergency shelter for the people who dont have home to stay.
  • Distributing Foods & clothes.


Includes Cost

• Airport pick up and drop.
• Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu
• Home stay in Gorkha district
• All local meals in Gorkha (Rice, Lentils, curry & pickle)
• Drive to Gorkha and Back to Kathmandu.

(If any interested people wanna participate then they are fully welcome from our Global Treks & Expedition


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