Community Support Through Mass Nepal

Community Support Through Mass Nepal

Global Treks and Expedition fully supports as well as works closely with the social organization MAS Nepal. On a Project wise, a portion of the proceeds from our company’s revenue goes directly towards Awareness projects, more specifically to cover Women Empowerment,Education, Health and Environment in Gorkha District as well as support to Rebuild House and School which is located at northern part of Nepal.

Global Treks and Expedition has Planning to number of charity treks conducted throughout the year. The charity adventure treks itinerary intends to combine adventure, civilization and a fight for a cause, providing the participant with lasting memories of the Mountains while allowing them to contribute to a remote place in Nepalese community or needy society.





Global Treks and Expedition have conducted more and many programs in co-ordination with MAS Nepal for the development of the community. Some of the major highlights of our program are:

  • Nepal Earthquake Relief: when the Big devastating Earthquake (25thApril 2015). After that we mobilized and planning our resources to help and support for the earthquake victims. In collaboration with NGO MAS Nepal, we have distributed: some Food,Cloth , Aluminum Roof plate , Blankets, Medicine, Drinking Water etc.
  • Rebuild: When the Big devastating Earth Quake we are planning to support Rebuild for Earth quake destroyed or damage house in MaselGorkha through the MAS Nepal. Till now we are directly support for 20 housesfor Rebuild and Repaired.
  • Save the Child:Global Treks and Expedition was planning to “Save the child” parents less and Homeless, when the Big Devastating Earth quake moving in Nepal on April 2015, several child are loos parents and home so Global treks and Expedition are planned to help and support for them we directly support for 21 HIV infected child Through The MAS Nepal in Kritipure which southern part from Kathmandu.

Global Treks and Expedition has more planning to support for needy and poor community which Remote area in Nepal, we help and support for parents and home less child, and student , literacy for old age , clean environment, women empower, health, and etc. which in Through the NGO MAS Nepal.


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