Bird Watching

The Kathmandu valley has been recorded more than over 500 species birds in Nepal which is very popular whole over the world. Nepal is a paradise for the birdwatcher. From the lowland jungle of the Terai and the Koshi Tappu barrage through dense rhododendron and Oak forest of the middle hills to the windswept plateaus of the high Himalaya there is always something to keep one twitching. Birding is a form of wildlife reserve in which the observation of birds is a recreational activity. This activities done by the naked eyes as well as by using the visual device like telescopes and binoculars or by watching the public webcams. Nepal creates a lots of place for the special bird watching like Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve, Phulchoki Hill, Chitwan National park, Bardiya National park and many more wild life reservation.



Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is renowned for being one of the best locations for birding. Still within Nepal’s sub-tropical Terai belt, this is the smallest (175 sq km) and Eastern most reserve in Nepal, just to the North East of the convergence of the SaptaKoshi and Trijuga Khola rivers. During the Monsoon (May to September) the flow becomes torrential and covers most of the floodplain, while during the dry seasons, many flat, sandy islands are exposed. The habitat is a combination of scrub grassland and deciduous riverine forest, with over 280 species of birds recorded so far, including 20 species of duck, ibises, storks, swamp partridges (Francolinus gularis), herons, egrets, Bengal floricans (Eupodotis Bengalensis), and many other exotic and migratory waterfowl not found elsewhere in Nepal.images (14)

Phulchoki Hill

The most popular bird watching spot is the Phulchoki hill, the highest peak on the Valley rim situated at 20 km South East of Kathmandu, with some 265 species recorded to date. The birds that are seen here included babblers, warblers, tits, thrushes, Minivets, woodpeckers, eagles and many migrant birds. Godavari, at the foot of Phulchoki hill where the Royal Botanical Garden is situated, records over 100 species of birds including the lesser racket-tailed drongo, Tibetan siskin and the spotted fork tail.

Chitwan national  park

Chitwan National Park is renowned for its array of birds, with over 255 species as recorded. There are many species of parakeets. Other birds include Blue-Throat, Long-tailed Nightjar, Indian Peafowl, Great Barbet, red-billed blue magpie and Tick ell’s red-breasted blue flycatcher. A two night/three day package, staying at a lodge within the park, is an ideal way to combine bird watching with other pursuits.

Bardiya National Park

Bardiya National Park is also a popular destination for bird watching situated in the far West of Nepal it is an area of extensive jungle which is covered by sal forest riverine and grass lands. A boat ride on the slow moving expanse of the Karnali River provides plenty of opportunities to view a vast variety of birds including Ruddy Shelduck, darters, brahmini kites, brown headed gulls, cormorants, oriental pied hornbills, night heron & purple heron, cinnaon bitterns, orioles and majestic peacocks.




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